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大赛背景及意义Background and significance

Spelling Bee(英语拼写大赛)是一项在美国家喻户晓的英文拼字竞赛活动。我校国际班,在传统原有赛制上进行创新,使比赛既为课程目标服务,同时为学生创造体验国际化竞赛活动的平台。该项赛事亦属于国际班课程体系五大板块中“生本课程”,以学生为核心、培育素养、挖掘潜力、激发自主学习动力。

Spelling Beeis a well-known English spelling contest in the United States. We have made some changes to the traditional competition format, so that it serves the curriculum objectives of our international program, creating a platform for students to experience international competition activities as well. The event is also part of the "Student-Oriented Courses" in the five major integrated sections of the curriculum, the aim of which is to cultivate students' competence and quality, to unleash their potential, and to motivate students to learn independently.

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The competition includes the semi-final and the final. Fifteen contestants that have successfully entered the contest are from different classes of the international program. All students and some of the parents attended the competition. The judges of the competition are seven professional English teachers. Director Zhao Fei delivered an opening speech, Vice Principal Zhao Yichang attended and presented awards, Principal Zhao Jun attended and delivered a wonderful closing speech.

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Live music to start the event was a great opener to relax everyone and help remove the butterflies that many students (and probably teachers too!) must have been feeling. The thought of standing on the stage waiting to be called is enough to send shivers down any ones spine, let alone knowing the school Principal had made sure that he could attend.

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The opening sequence went well, compered most professionally by our co-hosts Ma Mingyuan and Zhang Sitong, free of technical hitches announcing the order of the “Semi-final”, 5 teams consisting of three members each. Competition was intense and closely scored, sadly losing one team quite early on.

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Speed spelling was next up, performed with great accuracy until, disaster at word 24 out of 30 in the section. Phenomenon (spelt as fenomenon) saw the demise of an otherwise very worthy student.

By now students were cheering their classmates on and anticipating my confirmation of a correct result, until a moment of slight embarrassment for your “Chief Judge” as the battery failed on the microphone I was using at a reasonably critical moment! Luckily I was promptly handed a portable replacement and I blurted out the expected “Yes, correct!” greeted by a round of great applause and cheering.

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So, into the final! The determination in the student’s voices ratcheted the tension up another notch and their facial expressions and body language simply radiated the stress and pressure they were feeling! Several extra words drove the closing stages of the event into the final three and the play off leaving Mia the victor. What a result for her and very importantly the class of 1.7! A victory for the younger students to be proud of.

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The closing sequence saw the presentation of certificates and trophies, a testament to the hard work of the students and the teachers, with photos, followed by a moving speech by the school’s Principal Mr. Zhao Junbringing this great event to a close.


A great event like this is always hard to follow, so, no time for complacency (taking it easy) let’s stay on the case of constantly extending our range of vocabulary and grammar, to be ready for “The Fourth English Spelling Contest”.

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获奖名单Awards Winners

冠军The Champion

高一七班 高鸣阳

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一等奖 First Place

高一八班 栾升宏(左)高二八班 崔希玮(右)

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二等奖Second Place

高一八班 关伊彤(左)

高三七班 韩子恒(中)

高二八班 郑博文(右)

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三等奖 Third Place

高二八班 汤东航(左)

高二八班 张仲则(中)

高一七班 丛中笑(右)

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优胜奖 Great Effort Award

高二八班 堀田幸村 高二八班 汤博宇 高二八班 苏相颐

高二八班 辛思语 高二八班 赵翎汐 高二八班 汪子姝


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参赛感受What Contestants Learnt



-高一七班 高鸣阳

“I think this is such an interesting and challenging competition. In the first part of the semifinal, the three members of our group had decided before the competition, that all the words must be written on the paper and then read out to prevent any slip of the tongue. We entered the next round successfully. In the second part-Speed Spelling, we used the same technique to advance and I think this was the most exciting part. In the final individual competition, there was only me and another girl left after several rounds. Unfortunately, I was not familiar with the word 'sophisticated' and I was a little nervous because it was the moment to decide whether I could be the champion or not. Sadly, within the time limit I spelled the word incorrectly. It was a pity, but it reminds me and motivats me to work harder and make more efforts."

-高二八班 崔希玮





-高一七班 马鸣远



Many thanks to all those who have devoted their time and efforts to make the event happen.

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